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NOTE: User Name and Password must be 5-10 characters long, are case sensitive and cannot contain spaces or special characters like ‘&’, ‘*’, or ‘!’. Select a user name relevant to you, e.g. Tom Smith might choose ‘tsmith’. Your password keeps others from viewing your e-mail, so keep it secure and donít share it with anyone.

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Cost per Month Bronze
Upstream 128 kbps 256 kbps 384 kbps 768 kbps 1 Mbs
Downstream 256 kbps 768 kbps 1,500 kbps 3 Mbps 6 Mbps
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   Yes   No NOTE: The $100 installation charge is waived if the customer commits to retain the service for a period of one year. The charge will be applied if the service is disconnected for any reason during the first 6 months period.

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